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come and register on our new forum!this is gooing to be deleted very soon.

    Board rules!


    Board rules!

    Post by KazanovA on Sat Mar 07, 2009 9:21 am


    -English is the only language on this forum.
    -Code all links.
    -Post in correct forum's.
    -No political, religious and racist talks.
    -No replying to old topic's.
    -No flaming other members.
    -Never pm Admin's for rank if you didn't fulfill requirements.
    Warez posting

    All links must be in code tags.
    Use search before post warez.
    Report double theards or dead links.
    Post description when you posting warez.
    Avatar & Signaturel

    -No offensive images or images that contains pornography.
    -Don't RIP other peoples signatures or avatars.

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