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    Wana Become A V.I.P



    Wana Become A V.I.P

    Post by Guest on Wed Feb 11, 2009 7:19 am

    You Wana become VIP
    You have to do this Quests:
    Bring 20 Users
    Post 20 Posts

    When you become VIP you Will get:
    ~ CC's [cvv2] (amex,visa,master card,discover)
    ~ Hacking Tools priv8
    ~ Carding Tutorials
    ~ Hacking Tutorials
    ~ Site DB's (fresh)
    ~ Rooted Servers
    ~ Porn acc's
    ~ RapidShare Premium Acc'z
    ~ Request account ( ye ye dobro ste procitali , mozete traziti porn acc koji god hocete ) .
    ~ vBulletin Licence
    ~ PayPal'z Verified Acc'z
    ~ Bank Acc'z
    ~ Shop Admins [with cvv2 or non cvv2 ]
    ~ Site VIP Acc'z

    You Wont Regret

    PM me or Techno boY

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